So SURPRISE GIVEAWAY ive just hit my next thousand and all my followers are amazing and so nice to me so ive decided to do another giveaway! (Smaller than the last)

Rules!! (Follow ‘em u lil shits)

  • Likes and reblogs BOTH count, reblog as much as you want. Idc if you spam your followers, if they unfollow you that’s on you, sorry.
  • You must be following  me  cause it’s a giveaway for my cutie followers, so u gotta be a follower. (since ur probably already cute)
  • Giveaway ends October 23rd. (AKA my birthday) (wait why are u guys getting presents on MY birthday) 
  • If the winner chooses to be named publicly, DO NOT send them hate. Please please PLEASE.
  • There will only be one winner, they will receive everything above.
  • I’ll ship anywhere, and I’ll cover shipping costs, cause it’d be stupid if you had to pay for it.
  • You’ll have to be comfortable giving me your address. (I promise i wont creep on ya) (ok maybe) (no i promise I wont)
  • I will order shirts in ANY size, dont worry about it :D
  • If you dont want something/ are not in the fandom, i will substitute it for another item of equal value, or you can choose to gift it to another entrant who i will pick by random number generator (not judgin u if ya choose to keep it) (i totally would tbh)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


Sherlock series 1-3
3 redbubble stickers u can have the ones shown above or 3 others of your choice from this amazing person’s store
A star trek tos poster
A Star Fleet academy shirt

Okay and if this gets past 10k ill buy u a book of ur choice under 15 bucks, and if it gets past 20k ill get u another shirt of ur choice (any size) under 15 bucks

That’s it! best of luck to all you super cute cuties out there!

One day, I wanted to make my mum a perfume myself. So I went outside to pick all the roses in the garden and then crushed them in a bowl, adding water and everything I could find. I brought it to her saying, “Hey, mum, I made this for you.” I remember as she looked out into the garden, a bit torn between the sight of her flowerless rose-bushes and this ever so cute present… Every time, the smell of roses brings back that memory.” - Kit Harington / Elle France

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